Edwin Sammon Vs Cancer

Friday 31 March 2017
Venue: Draiocht Theatre

It takes a certain kind of fortitude to give up your day job and pursue the art form you love. You have to really take a gamble, cross your fingers, and pray that it all works out.

After Edwin Sammon was diagnosed with two separate cancers, he gathered himself together, gave up his job at a hardware superstore, and redoubled his efforts to become a comedian.

And if the voices laughing at his gigs are anything to go by, he is succeeding.

Edwin is an offbeat, quirky performer with an affable style. He's eminently likeable, and that has even translated to the television screen where he has shone as a presenter on Republic of Telly and as Father Gabriel in Bridget and Eamon.

This comedy special, however, is an opportunity for him to let loose with his crazy comic stylings. Hold on tight, because it's going to be a surreal evening of stunning stand-up.

With this show, Edwin stands up to cancer, and fires a warning shot for the comedy world in the process. Edwin's coming, and he's going to give you the giggles.


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Blanchardstown Centre
PO Code: Dublin 15
Republic of Ireland

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