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Head 2 Head Walk 2017

Sunday Sunday 24 September 2017
Venue: Howth Dart Station

The Head 2 Head Walk is one of Ireland’s loveliest jaunts. From Howth to Bray, you will enjoy the sea air and fantastic views that Dublin Bay has to offer.

Whether you are a power walker or a rambler, you will be very welcome at this walk. It’s a long old slog, but the sea waves soundtrack it to perfection, while the vistas are ample reward for every step you take.

After you’ve completed the walk, duck in from the coastal winds and enjoy a reception at the Royal Hotel Bray, before jumping on the Dart and heading back to Dublin - unless you’re feeling very brave and fancy a 24-mile homeward-bound saunter.


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Howth Dart Station
Republic of Ireland

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