Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery Exhibitions

Helen Blake

01 - Friday 31 March 2017
Venue: Molesworth Gallery

Helen Blake has a visual palette to die for. Cobalt blues mingle with citrussy oranges on her canvasses, evoking the warm secondary colours of walls and houses in too-hot-to-handle corners of South America, or the bouncing colours of Morrocco's tiles and gardens.

Her eye for colour may be exotic, but Helen also has a mathematically graphic style. Geometry, protractors and compasses have to be employed (surely) in her punchy displays, where simple colour, form, and some very detailed and textured hand-painting unite to form truly attractive and eye-catching work.

Helen is always questioning colours and shapes, sometimes even treating her paint like textile materials; ribbons are woven, wool is twisted over and under into some crochet or lace.

Check out her magnificent work for yourself in the city centre art haunt, Molesworth Gallery. There's no better place to duck in from the hustle and bustle of Dublin than this gallery, tucked away around the corner from Dawson Street and Trinity College.

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16 Molesworth Street
PO Code: Dublin 2
Republic of Ireland

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