Learning Festivals

Learning Festivals

Seafest 2017

30 June - Sunday 2 July 2017
Venue: Galway

One of the benefits of living on an island is being surrounded by stunning beaches and the crashing sea waves. The best place to celebrate Ireland's ample exposure to everything maritime is Seafest 2017, which is taking place in Galway.

Seafest celebrates the life aquatic with a jam-packed programme of events which will have you clapping for joy like the world's most cheerful seal.

Tours of boats of all sizes and seafood cookery masterclasses with bona fide celebrity chefs will make you want to walk the plank and jump into a sea of events.

Exhibitions on marine life and other educational activities will expose the young people in your life to the joys of the ocean, and will make them think about the health of marine life and the importance of marine science.

The weekend will be the opposite of a shipwreck...don't expect it to go down like the Titanic, but do expect a Spielberg-scale epic.

Admission Free


Galway City
Republic of Ireland

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