The Primacy of Plot

15 - 15 February 2017
Venue: The Little Museum of Dublin

Eoghan Harris wants to read juicy plots, get stuck into weaving narratives and dive headfirst into a maze of literary happenings. He doesn't want to read something that is all style and no substance.

In this talk, Eoghan will be advocating for plot, for character development and for talking points in literature. He is the embodiment of the backlash against self-indulgent style and overly contrived wordiness. He is looking for a story, and he isn't afraid to tell you why.

If you fancy yourself a wordsmith, you might want to check out this event and see if you agree with Eoghan or if you quite insistently disagree.

There are definitely grounds for hot debate on this topic, so speak up if you dare and challenge Eoghan on The Primacy of Plot.


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15 St Stephen's Green
PO Code: Dublin 2
Republic of Ireland

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