Endurance Events

Endurance Events

Wild AIR Run Killarney

Saturday Saturday 12 August 2017
Venue: Killarney Racecourse

For one day only, the horses will be taking a break from running the race course at Killarney, and you'll be taking their place as the 5k Wild AIR Run gets pumped up for a day of bouncy obstacles and fitness-first hilarity.

The Wild AIR Run is for everyone, from super-fit specimens to determined but optimistic newcomers. It's basically like a supersize family fun day for you to test your stamina on.

There will be ten blow-up challenges for you to tackle, like the ominously titled The Drop, the Maze Runner, which comes with water spraying you at every turn, a life-sized pinball machine, a moon walk and a super scream, which makes every other slide you've ever been on look like a walk in the park.

The Wild AIR Run is the perfect summer family day out - kids over 7 can participate, so you can be put to shame by your daring younger relatives. Perfect.

If you fancy making a real day of it, you can always catch your breath after the photo finish and explore a little around Kerry - that is, if you aren't absolutely exhausted of a day of laughter, falls, and charges for glory.


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Killarney Racecourse
Ross Road, Scrahane
Republic of Ireland

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