Grand Tour Routes

Kildare Wicklow Tour Route Attractions

Bracing coastal runs. Wild mountain passes. Palladian mansion pit-stops.

Welcome to the open roads of Kildare Wicklow, to a choice of classic driving routes where raw landscape, cultural treats and charming villages surprise you at every turn.

It’s Ireland in a nutshell. Whether you’re cruising through spectacular mountains and valleys, exploring Early Christian heritage or enjoying a slap-up meal at a gastro-pub along the way, a short drive from Dublin’s air and ferry ports is all it takes.

From specialist runs to a breathtaking Grand Tour, Kildare Wicklow combines a compact landscape with a captivating diversity of touring routes. There’s something for everyone here.

Walking the beach Mist on the hills Lambs in spring Outdoor fun Sunlight on the hills Yellow flowers Glendalough Historical Athy
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