Painting, Pottery and Craft

Painting, Pottery and Craft

Barry Doyle Design Jewellers


1st Floor
30 Georges Street Arcade
PO Code: Dublin 2
Republic of Ireland

Barry Doyle Design Jewellers studio is housed in the landmark location that is the Georges Street Arcade, they have the only loft studio in the arcade. In their studio the makers are always present to discuss the inspiration behind the work that is on display or to discuss a commissioned piece. As the studio is both an open plan workshop and showrooms visitors have an opportunity to watch whilst a piece is being created at the bench. they make pieces in all metals from silver to platinum and using both precious and semi precious gemstones.The studio is within a arcade setting so there are cafés and toilet facilities available.


Barry Doyle Design Jewellers create a considerable amount of bespoke wedding rings for couples and offer them the opportunity to participate in a stage of the making of their rings. This often involves an afternoon where the couple come to the studio and are taught some of the basic skills and then give a task to do as a stage of the making of their rings.

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