Nature and Wildlife

Nature and Wildlife

Bog of Allen Nature Centre


Republic of Ireland

To date there are 250,000 ha of peatlands conserved in Ireland and this represents 50% of all of Europe’s peatlands.

Peatlands are made up of dead plant material and they are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Raised bogs have been growing in Ireland for the past 10,000 years. Due to many pressures from afforestation, development for their peat, overgrazing, illegal dumping, these habitats are under threat. Over 80% of them have been lost forever and the IPCC are now actively restoring peatlands to ensure their survival.

On visiting the Bog of Allen Nature Centre visitors can explore the wild boglands of Ireland, experience life in 1960’s Ireland in traditional Irish cottage interior and follow the self guiding tour of the exhibitions to learn about all aspects of Irish bogs. Guides are available in six languages. Visitors can complete their indoor visit with a browse through their nature shop filled with environmentally friendly gifts for family and friends.

Visitors can then continue their tour of the Bog of Allen Nature Centre outdoors in the wildlife gardens and visit their live exhibition of insect eating plants. Collect IPCC’s top ten wildlife gardening tips along the way and finish the tour by visiting nearby nature reserves in the Bog of Allen.

Facilities:Toilets | Parking | Outdoor picnic area | Wheelchair accessible

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