Park and Forest Walks

Park and Forest Walks

Cavan Burren Park Walks


Cavan Burren Park
Republic of Ireland

Cavan Burren Park is a unique and special place where geological and archaeological features are gently revealed in an open and natural setting. Peace, birdsong, nature, stunning views, a Visitor Centre, and five marked trails are also in place (one which is multi-access).

You don’t just visit Cavan Burren Park – you become part of it.

Here, you’re free to enjoy a special, undiscovered landscape which has evolved from its formation in a tropical sea south of the equator, through the various ice ages to the parkland it is today. Take time in the park’s Visitor Centre, with imaginative displays of the Burren’s endless story. Make friends with the locals and feel what it's like to be a hunter/gatherer.

Or find your own path on one of five new trails of discovery that will leave you feeling uplifted, alive, and a real part of Earth’s story.

At the Visitor Centre, you can find information on the geological, archaeological, mythological, natural, and cultural history of this intriguing landscape.

With picnic facilities, coach and car parking, toilet facilities, guides available for guided tours, and, best of all, free admission, there's no reason not to get out and enjoy the fresh air and spectacular views.

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