Painting, Pottery and Craft

Painting, Pottery and Craft

Drawing Walks


O’Herlihys Townhouse
The Glen
Republic of Ireland

Drawing Walks// combines Sarah O’Brien’s experience teaching at UCD School of Landscape Architecture where Sarah works with students to respond with instinct and gesture to the landscape and built environment with her own passion for encouraging the individual ‘mark maker’ in everyone.

The walks vary in focus from architecture to seafront to landscape. This depends on the preferences of the attendees. This can be arranged at the initial call.

During the walks participants will be asked to experiment with the different drawing materials provided, this is before any sustained drawings happen. Sarah calls this ‘warm up’ drawing. Sarah provides drawing books and materials and each stop provides a space for participants to sit if they wish.

The group enjoys relaxed tutorials from Sarah and peer critiques (!). This will suit team building as well as regular holiday activities.

The group will have a sprinkling of history and local lore when relevant.

It is hoped that upon return each participant has created some fast responsive drawings and watercolours. The weather will impact the style of work created too. Rainy weather will mean drawings must start and end with more haste! And vice versa, sunny days allow participants to get more involved in one or two drawings.

If the group would prefer a longer walk that is something that Sarah has no problem with accommodating.

Sarah holds a BA, MFA and PgDip in Teaching & Learning. She is also a registered member of the Teachers Council of Ireland.


Method of Payment: Cash DRAWING WALKS// will operate all seasons and throughout all weather. The walks take place at whatever time a group wishes to arrange them with Sarah. DRAWING WALKS//operate every day of the week and at any daytime hour.

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