Looped Walks

Looped Walks

Rock an Thorabh Loop


Glen of Aherlow Fáilte Society
Coach Road
Glen of Aherlow
Republic of Ireland


A-B. From the mapboard in the green area climb onto the road and go to the Christ the King statue. Follow the red arrow and enter the forestry at the barrier. Note that you are also following blue arrows which are for the longer Millenium Stone Loop. After 50m you reach a Y-junction where the BLUE loop veers right and downhill – but you continue straight following the red arrow.

B-C. You are now on a forestry roadway. Continue to follow the red arrows along this roadway for 2km to reach a crossroads you rejoin the BLUE loop as it makes its way back from the Millenium Stone. Turn sharp left here.

C-D. Now you begin to ascend and near the highest point watch out for the substantial rock on your right – this is Rock an Thorabh (the rock of the boar!).

D-E. Continue to follow the red arrows along the forestry roadway to reach a surfaced road near Stafford O Brien Well. Joining the road, turn left.

E-F. Cross the road and follow downhill for 500m to reach the left bend. Here you veer right onto a green track and into forestry again.

F-A. Following woodland trails, you will rejoin other loops as you return to the trailhead through the Nature Park – a very pleasant experience to finish your walk!

The Glen of Aherlow stretches from the N24 south of Tipperary Town through unspoilt countryside affording some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable. The lush valley of the River Aherlow runs between the Galtee Mountains and the wooded ridge of Slievenamuck. Bounded by the picturesque villages of Galbally and Bansha, the Glen was historically an important pass between Limerick and Tipperary. There is a great variety of prehistoric, early Christian and medieval sites within the valley and its hinterland to excite the lovers of archaeology and the seasoned historian. The glen is renowned for the warmth of its welcome and the friendship of its people. This loop is one of a series developed at two trailheads in the glen (Christ the King Statue and Lisvarrinane). This loop travels along Slievenamuck – the Mountain of the Pigs. The ridge is mainly of old red sandstone and was formed over 300million years ago! A wonderful example of faulting is Rock an Thorabh (the flagstone of the bull) on the northern slopes of Slievenamuck. Stank on the ‘rock’ for wonderful views of Tipperary Town, and on a clear day, the Silvermines and Keeper Hill.





Estimated Time

2hrs - 2hrs 30mins



Minimum Gear

Walking boots. raingear, snack and fluid


Lisvarrinane (5km) Tipperary (6km) There are a number of hotels in the Glen of Aherlow


Forestry tracks and woodland trails




Christ the King Statue, Glen of Aherlow, Co Tipperary OSI Sheet 66, R886 308

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