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Outdoor Activities

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The Greenbox
Republic of Ireland

As Ireland's first ecotourism destination, the Greenbox has undertaken the task of creating a tourism business in the north west which highlights the best of what the region has to offer while ensuring the regions heritage and environment are preserved for this and future generations.

Ecotourism has many definitions and this is one of the shorter ones, 'responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of local people'. Ecotourism takes a long term view of the industry and all its participants.

The Greenbox currently has a network of close to 100 members who all subscribe to the principles of ecotourism. This network covers a wide range of tourism activities including health and wellness, activity centres, accommodation providers, tour guides, restaurants, education centres, food producers and visitor attractions. There are currently a number our network members participating in the EU Flower Programme, these are all accommodation providers. The EU flower is the European Unions environmental quality mark, the successful participants will be the first on the island of Ireland to receive this prestigious award.

The Greenbox offers visitors a wide range of tourism experiences designed to entertain, educate, rejuvenate and relax. For a complete range of current offers check see website. A Greenbox ecobreak gives you the comfort of knowing your fun filled holiday is kind to the environment.

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