Self Drive Tours

Self Drive Tours

The Mullet Peninsula


Erris Beo
Republic of Ireland

The Mullet Peninsula is an area of unspoiled natural beauty and mystique, which is becoming a very popular tourist location.The peninsula is about 33km in length and 12km wide at the widest points, narrowing to about 400 metres in the region of Elly Bay. The trip from Belmullet to Blacksod Point ( 21km ) gives a good understanding of the nature of the peninsula with its west coast exposed to the Atlantic and completely denuded of vegetation, while the east overlooks the inlet of Blacksod Bay. Along the way is Binghamstown, Elly Bay, with its lovely beaches, and Aghleam, a popular place for Irish language courses. To the south east, there is a splended view of the cliffs of Achill. The Mullet Peninsula is a popular location for sea angling. It is also renowned for its unique bird life. The islands of Inishkea are wel known bird sanctuaries and this peninsula is a Gaeltacht area with a rich heritage of traditional music, song and dance.

Things To Do Nearby

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