Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Thoughts of Ireland Tours

Ireland is a magical place steeped in history which is visible throughout it's scenic landscapes. Located on the outskirts of mainland Europe, ancient monuments are strewn across the land having survived many marauding invaders over the years, standing proud throughout the land to tell the tale of it's turbulent past. myths & legends from a time of druids & high kings blend with a culture known for their storytelling & love for music. humour, hospitality & the charm of the people, always up for a bit of 'craic', will make you feel right at home on your Irish adventure.

Thoughts of Ireland tours provide a leisurely guided tour of Ireland for those who want to immerse themselves in the culture, wander the back roads through magnificent scenery, stay in quaint small towns in locally owned accommodations, & listen to tales about the legends, myths, great poets & history of this wonderful place.

Our small groups with maximum tour size of 12 persons allows you a more intimate, personal and authentic experience travelling to towns and villages not reached by larger tour operators. We also offer private tours which can be customised to your needs.

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