National and Forest Parks

National and Forest Parks

Carrickbyrne Hill


Carrickbyrne Hill
New Ross
Republic of Ireland

Carrickbyrne Hill is an oak wood 23km from Wexford Town in County Wexford. It is set on a hard volcanic outcrop that resisted the weathering process and now stands out on the otherwise low lying flat landscape.

Carrickbyrne Hill was once part of the Jeffares Estate. The oak wood is known locally as ‘Camp Field’. During the 1798 rebellion the insurgents gathered here before marching on New Ross.

The trees are mainly a coniferous international gathering, with representatives from Europe and North America including Douglas fir from Vancouver, Japanese larch from the east and native Scots pine. You will also find oak, beech, ash, rowan, and Spanish chestnut. Laurel, bramble and heather form the main ground cover of the wood. On the trail through the forest one might spot a fox, rabbit, hare or hear the blackbird and thrush. The geology of the hill is ordcovician/granite; these rocks were formed during a period of volcanic activity about 400 million years ago.

There is a 5km forest walk to the summit of the view and viewing points. This is now a Slí na Slainte walk. It is ideal for walking with some terrific views of the neighbouring countryside. Being part of the Slí na Slainte network there are marked and measured routes. There are approximately 12.5 km of trails

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