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Caves of Keash Visitor Centre and Gift Shop


The Fox's Den

At the visitor centre guests will get an introduction to both sites and the option to take a guided tour to explore Ireland's visually striking caves or stroll along the ancient tombs which predate The Pyramids of Giza.

The 16 Caves of Keash have been the subject of myths and legends for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It is believed, based on geological and archaeological inspections in the 1900s, that early man used and lived in the caves. Also, the caves have been home to bears, wolves, arctic lemming and other wildlife during their existence. Legends abound, including one about Cormac Mac Airt, Ireland's most famous High King. It is believed that he was born by a well near the caves. While his mother slept, he was stolen by wolves and then raised by them. Years later he was found, and much later Cormac went on to become Ireland’s High King and ruled from Tara.

The caves are beautiful inside and out. Be sure to bring a camera or a camera phone to get some impressive shots of the views, and a flash lamp will be needed to explore the interior of these enchanted caves. Look for Lough Feenagh, framed in the mouth of a cave, as it is shaped like the map of Ireland.

Located just 6km from the Visitor Centre are Carrowkeel passage tombs. This is an ancient passage tomb cluster built during the Neolithic era which predates the Pyramids of Egypt by 500-800 years.

A series of 20 tombs lie across the Bricklieve mountains and Keshcorran, 14 of which are at Carrowkeel and six at Keshcorran. The Carrowkeel monuments are protected as National Monuments and are considered one of the "big four" passage tomb cemeteries in Ireland, along with Carrowmore, Brú na Bóinne and Loughcrew.

The Visitor Centre is open all year round from 10:00-18:00. Guided tours leave the Keash Visitor Centre twice daily between April and September, and once a day from October through March, weather permitting. Private and group tours are available for booking on request to Carrowkeel passage tombs and Caves of Keash.

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