Charleville Castle


Charleville Estate
Republic of Ireland

Located in County Offaly, bordering the town of Tullamore near the Shannon River, Charleville Castle is situated in Ireland's most ancient primordial oak woods, once the haunting grounds of the druids.

Charleville Castle grew from paper doodles in early 1798 to grandiose plans by the end of that very eventful year in Ireland. It was built by Charles William Bury, Earl of Charleville and was designed by Francis Johnston, one of the leading architects of the day. Charleville Castle is said to be the finest example of Gothic revival architecture in the country.

The castle is available for wedding ceremonies, summer schools, seminars, photo shoots, AGMs, filming onsite, Irish music, concerts, recitals and other special events.

Opening Months

Open all year by appointment.

Opening Times

Summer Months Daily Tours from 1.00pm to 5.30pm

Things To Do Nearby

Summer festivals
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