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Museums and Attractions

Kilmallock Museum


Republic of Ireland

Kilmallock, in County Limerick, was one of Munster’s most important medieval towns, but not far away there is evidence of even earlier activity. Excavations at Tankardstown have uncovered an early farming settlement dating from around 4000BC. Kilmallock Museum has scale models of these Stone Age dwellings as well as a model of medieval Killmallock, complete with its old town walls.

More recently during the Irish Civil War the Kilmallock area was the scene of fierce fighting, this time is also covered by the Kilmallock Museum exhibits. Other exhibits tell the industrial rural and social history of the area.

Kilmallock is also the resting place of the late Gaelic poet Aindrias Mac Craith or as he was known by his pen name an Mangaire Sugach. A recording of his most famous poem Slán le Maigh, set to music, can be heard at the museum.

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