Leave no trace

Leave no Trace

We all go outside for very different reasons. We participate in a wide range of activities there. The one thing that connects us is this place we call the outdoors. As cities grow and pressures mount, this place becomes more important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Let’s keep it special by aiming to  Leave No Trace.

The Leave No Trace message is all about helping outdoor enthusiasts to minimise their impact on the environment.

Leave No Trace is based on a set of seven core principles.

Plan ahead and prepare.

Be considerate of others.

Respect wildlife and farm animals.

Travel and camp on durable ground.

Leave what you find.

Dispose of waste properly.

Minimise the effects of fire (walkers should note though that in Ireland, fires are not permitted at all in most areas).

For more information on Leave No Trace Ireland visit

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