Tracing Your Ancestors

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The TV series Who Do You Think You Are? has certainly sparked interest in exploring family heritage. When celebrity gardener Diarmuid Gavin delved into his roots, he discovered a Scottish shipbuilding dynasty, a translator of opera librettos, and his grandfather’s daring raid on Inchicore Rail Works in 1916.

Not everyone can boast such glamorous antecedents, but when you start researching your family history you never know what you’re going to find, and with no fewer than four recent US presidents claiming Irish family connections, the chances of discovering an influential relative are not as slim as they might at first seem!

Do you enjoy doing your own research? Is the chase as important as the discovery? Set off on the trail of your ancestors. Track them to their home villages. Find where they were christened, married, buried.

There are national repositories of material, as well as local heritage and genealogy centres round the country to help you. Search our full listings of these sources or download our guide, Tracing your Ancestors (2.5MB .pdf) to get started.

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