Village Festivals and Fetes

Village Festivals and Fetes

Conamara Sea Week

22 - Monday 30 October 2017
Venue: Connemara

For 30 years Conamara Sea Week has been going, and it just keeps getting better and better. Enjoy this multi-disciplinary festival which celebrates the marine heritage of Connemara - one of Ireland's most awe-inspiring regions.

The long, pale grasses of the fields give way to the fearsome tides of the Atlantic Ocean at this edge of the island, and naturally, it has been the inspiration for art, poetry, theatre and music. That's what makes this festival so impressive. It brings together the various strands of Connemara life in a joyful way.

There will be sports events, walks covering the mystical landscape, and art exhibitions. Enjoy music, talks, and workshops, all in the warm, welcoming heart of Connemara.

Then, as dusk turns into darkness, the After the Light parade will make Connemara twinkle as outlandish performers set the procession on fire, figuratively and literally. Myth and magic will collide at this otherworldly delight.

Live life on the western seaboard in truly authentic style.


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