Dance and Performance Art

Dance and Performance Art


Tuesday Tuesday 11 February 2020
Venue: The Source Arts Centre

Sitting in between the two worlds of traditional and contemporary, IN LiMBO takes a journey where few have gone within Irish step dancing.

Four live musicians and ensemble of six dancers take the basics of what makes the tradition so attractive and translate it into a new but still recognizable language of music and dance.

This production introduces the audience to another possibility within a dance form that they may not already know. The creative life of an Irish dancer is relatively undeveloped past competition and show dancing.

IN LiMBO choreographer Kristyn Fontanella believes that many Irish dancers shy away from questioning the established norms of their dance form. The questions the company has asked and the ideas they explore through this piece are vital to the ongoing life and development of traditional Irish dance.

  • Children and Family
  • Adults Only
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General Admission: €12


Cathedral Street
Republic of Ireland

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