Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery Exhibitions

Prudence and the Game of Golf

17 November - Wednesday 20 December 2017
Venue: RHA

The worlds of sport and art collide in artist Abigail O’Brien’s new exhibition, Prudence and the Game of Golf.

Following Fortitude, 2005 and Temperance, 2009, Prudence and the Game of Golf is O'Brien's third exploration of the natural virtues. These virtues are said to govern our actions and passions.

In The Descent of Man, Grayson Perry describes sport as “civilised war, an acceptable arena to bare one’s teeth” which makes sport an ample jumping off point to begin exploring the virtues that guide us.

Combining photography and sculpture, Abigail O’Brien’s moulded environment explores themes that transcend an eighteen-hole game of golf. Even if you’re not exactly Rory McIlroy on the course, Prudence and the Game of Golf might just make you look at golf differently.


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  • Free Admission

15 Ely Place
Republic of Ireland

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