Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Púca Festival

30 October - Sunday 1 November 2020
Venue: Trim/Athboy/Drogheda

Ireland, where Halloween’s story began…. When light turns to dark and the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead thins, the creatures of Samhain, the ancient New Year, come to life. Roaming the darkness the shape-shifting spirit of Púca comes alive!

Changing the fortunes of all who cross her path as she transforms the night into a colourful playground of hallowed celebration. Púca and her misbehaving band of otherworldly characters invite you to one of the first sites of Halloween for a festival that celebrates the original spirit of the season. Over three spectacular nights in Ireland's Ancient East, we salute the Halloween spirits through folklore, food and music, and light up the sky with unearthly illuminations.

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