Lectures and Readings

Lectures and Readings

Robert Boyle Summer School

19 - Saturday 22 June 2019
Venue: Tower Hotel Waterford

Superhuman and the science behind current and emerging technologies. This is what the 8th annual Robert Boyle Summer School discusses through a variety of lectures and interactive talks.
In the 17th Century Robert Boyle wrote a list of predictions for the future. Starting with the 'prolongation of life' several of the items involved enhancement of the human body and performance. Now, technologies are emerging that can create superhumans.
In Waterford City's Tower Hotel, world-leading commentators will present the potentials and perils of this brave new world with superhero science, performance enhancement, genetic modification, designer babies, bionics, memory and superintelligence. This is an event for scientists and non-scientists alike, all are invited to participate and join Ireland's only science-themed Summer School.
As a special treat the Summer School will visit Boyle’s birthplace in Lismore on Saturday, 22 June and spend a pleasant and enjoyable evening with food, contemporary music and Boyle's Gin in the Lismore Castle Gardens.

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