Rosses Walking Festival

24 - Monday 27 May 2019
Venue: Ionad Teampall Chroine (Dungloe Tourist Office)

Over a period of 4 days, The Rosses Walking Festival will take place from the 24th to the 27th of May 2019. This year’s theme is a celebration of the rich maritime history the Rosses enjoys. A walking talking selection of walks for folks to slow down and enjoy the vibrant and stunning landscapes complemented by a maritime environment. This area of the Gaeltacht is renowned for its ties to the sea and all guides are local and well placed to show the walkers our coastal hidden gems All walks focus on our maritime history, folklore, coastal birds and rich plant life, as well as marine ecology. Participation and interaction by the walkers is encouraged. Maritime stories, poetry and traditional music, along with local seafood, round out the experience.

Admission Prices

€7.50 to €11.53


Chapel Road
Republic of Ireland

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