Silicon Synapse

13 November - Sunday 15 December 2019
Venue: Carnegie Library

Artist AlanJames Burns has announced the launch of an exciting immersive VR experience ‘Silicon Synapse’, a Virtual Reality and psycho-acoustic installation in the historic Carnegie Library, Swords, Fingal from 13 November to 15 December 2019.

‘Silicon Synapse’ is an immersive Virtual Reality and psycho-acoustic experience that will take you on a simulated journey into the personified mind of ‘Technology’. Listening to the inner dialogue of ‘Technology’s’ mind as it replays both sides of a lovers’ quarrel. ‘Technology’ and its life partner ‘Nature’ argue about the sustainability of their relationship and their future as a couple. ‘Silicon Synapse’ explores evolution, genetic engineering and transhumanism. Each viewer is engulfed by a conscious dream-like realm, as they travel through intense listening and visual experiences.

You can experience ‘Silicon Synapse’ within the repurposed historic setting of the Carnegie Library, in Swords, Co. Dublin. This library was once a place of knowledge and learning, shaping the minds and synapses of thousands. Now you have the chance to enter through the remnant doors of this library, and into the imagined mind of the silicon technology, which has largely replaced it.

Created by AlanJames Burns, ‘Silicon Synapse’ is a collaboration with Writer Sue Rainsford, Artist Jason Dunne and Composer Michael Riordan. The artwork is jointly commissioned by Fingal County Council Arts Office and the European Commission’s SciArt programme and is funded by Arts Council of Ireland Open Call Award. ‘Silicon Synapse’ is a part of the Fingal Arts Office 8 year strategy leading to the development of the Swords Cultural Quarter Project. Silicon Synapse is concurrently exhibited at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Milan, Italy as part of Resonances: Big Data 2019 festival.

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Dates and Times: 13 November – 15 December, 2019. Running Wednesday through Sunday, 5pm-9pm weekdays and 11am-7pm weekends.

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