Siul Eile Trail Walking Series

10 February - Saturday 22 June 2019
Venue: Tipperary

Be part of the Siul Eile walking movement as they reveal rural Ireland at its best on these amazing walks. Enjoy the peace and tranquilty as you amble along at your own pace revealing wonderful sights around every corner with stunning views, ancient forests, flowing rivers and streams, historic castles towers and monuments, evolving nature while walking with people living in the area.

Trails will be divided into sections ranging from 15-30 km.

Step back in time, enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife while exploring rural Ireland at its best.

he East Munster Way (73 km) in 3 stages | The Tipperary Heritage Way (56 km) in 3 stages | The Avondhu Way (104 km) in 5 stages.

Those that complete a full trail will receive bespoke medals with an individual feature of the trail represented on it, definitely a collectors item!

About Siul Eile
Siul Eile are rural communities coming together to form walking programs and challenges using the under utilised local environment in their own community.
Walking programs were built using quiet country roads, forest paths, tracks and trails. It is designed for local communities to live quality healthy lives, socialise together and to combat rural isolation.


Various locations in Tipperary
Republic of Ireland

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