Super Milk Wild Air Run

Saturday Saturday 18 August 2018
Venue: Galway Racecourse

Super Milk Wild Air Run is a fun run with a twist. Suitable for all the family, this award-winning event features ten of Europe’s biggest inflatable obstacles as part of its five kilometre course including The Drop, The Maze Runner, Moon Walk and Pinball.

This year’s edition of the race brings a new element to the table too. Each runner will be supplied with a powerful foam water gun which they must use along the way to complete certain task, and of course to give the other runners a soaking. At the end of the race, everybody gets to keep their water pistol too.

The race takes place at the Galway Races in Ballybrit and is suitable for practically everybody aged seven to 70 and almost any fitness level.

€15 - €80

Admission Prices

€15 - €80


Galway Racecourse
Republic of Ireland

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