Unhinged Comedy

09 May - Sunday 7 January 2018
Venue: The Ha'Penny Bridge Inn

Unhinged Comedy is promising to make everyone at The Ha’Penny Inn laugh so hard that the hinges burst forth from the doors… it might sound crazy, but the team might just manage it.

Unhinged Comedy is a stand-up night that cares not if you get stitches from laughing; it is encouraged and facilitated by hosting comedians like Damien Clark, Kevin Gildea and Emma Doran.

Although you will be in danger of laughter-related injuries at this evening of merriment, it is definitely worth running the risk as you enjoy comedy stalwarts alongside fresh voices on the scene.

The crowd of comedy fans attending is garrulous, good natured, and up for a laugh whether they’re in Dublin for life or just the night. Revel in the humorous bonhomie at The Ha’Penny Inn.


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Ha'Penny Bridge Inn
42 Wellington Quay
Temple Bar
PO Code: Dublin 2
Republic of Ireland

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