Looped Walks

Looped Walks

Lúb Dún Chonchúr Looped Walk Inis Meain


Inis Meain
Aran Islands
Republic of Ireland


A-B. Leaving the trailhead at the pier, follow the green (and blue and purple) arrows along the surfaced road. The blue and purple arrows are for longer loops). After 200m pass a roadway on your left and 200m you reach a 3-way junction. This is the point from where the loop ‘proper’ begins - you will be returning to this point from the left later - for now veer right.

B-C. Follow the coastline for 200m and turn left onto a surfaced road. Follow tis road for almost 3km (passing 3 road junctions) to reach a junction from where you can make a detour to Synge’s Chair (on your right). The return journey will take you 45mins-1hr. (The views are well worth the 1km trek - don’t forget to return to this point to continue the loop.)

C-D. Continue to follow the road for 300m to reach Dún Chonchúir (on your right). Shortly afterwards, pass the church and Teampaill na Seacht Mac Rí (both on your right) to reach a Y-junction. Here the loop veers left - leaving the blue and purple loops as it does.

D-A. Just 200m downhill from the junction pass the Comharchumann buildings on your left and 100m later continue straight at each of two road junctions. A little over 1km later you regain the 3-way junction at B above. This time, veer right and enjoy the last 300m back to the trailhead at the pier.

  • National Trails Office

8km/2hrs - 3hrs


Easy - to suit all levels of fitness

Minimum Gear

Treeking Shoes, raingear, fluid, snack and mobile phone


Inis Meain


Minor roadways


Pier, Inis Meain, Co Galway



Things To Do Nearby

Green shoots
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