Looped Walks

Looped Walks

Molly Loop


Republic of Ireland


A-B. From the trailhead at John Long’s Pub follow the green (and purple) arrows along the surfaced road. The purple arrows are for the longer Rooskey Loop. After 500m you reach a crossroads at a place called The Acre - go straight across here and join a surfaced laneway. After 300m watch for a waymarker that directs you to your right and onto a farm laneway (Billy’s Lane). Follow the green and purple arrows as the surface changes to grass and, after 1km, join a surfaced road where you turn left. Almost immediately the loop turns left again and ascends to reach a 3-way junction where the Rooskey Loop (purple arrow) turns left - but you turn right.

B-C. Note that you will now overlap on the Barnavave Loop from Carlingford (red arrows) for a short distance. Follow the green and red arrows downhill to reach a surfaced road where you turn left. After 150m you reach an old limekiln on your left – note that you rejoin the purple Rooskey Loop briefly here. Watch for a waymarker which directs you right onto a downhill laneway – and you leave both the Rooskey Loop and Barnavave Loop as you do. After 150m you reach a Y-junction where you have two options – the official loop turns right; straight ahead adds a short extra distance to your walk. At the end of the laneway you join a surfaced roadway where you turn right, ascend for 100m to reach the brow of the hill, and turn left onto a grassy laneway - known locally as The Molly! The laneway takes you downhill to reach another laneway (Forty’s Lane) where you rejoin the purple loop and turn right.

C-A. After 400m the laneway crosses the R173 and joins a surfaced laneway (Skeekan’s Lane) - enjoy the last 1km back to the trailhead.





Estimated Time

1hr – 1hr30mins



Minimum Gear

Trekking shoes, raingear, fluid, and mobile phone

To suit all levels of fitness


Grange, Carlingford (5km)


Minor roads, laneways, and tracks


Grange Village, County Louth

Things To Do Nearby

Green shoots
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