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Aran Sweater Market
Shannon Airport Co. Clare
Authentic Aran sweaters direct from the Aran Islands.

The Aran Sweater Market is located at Shannon Airport Landside. It sells handmade Irish Aran sweaters direct from the Aran Islands. The Aran Sweater is an Irish product that is known throughout the world for its intricate stitch pattern, strength and longevity. The Irish Aran Sweaters is a timeless classic that is uniquely Irish.

It has grown from very simple beginnings all the way back in 1892 to emerge as one of the most successful Irish craft industries in the world. The Aran Sweater Market acts as a guardian of this skilled island tradition as it continues to grow as a global fashion item.

All Aran knit clothing at the Aran Sweater Market must pass the strictest quality standards and are appraised by hand, before being issued a signed and stamped “Certificate of Authenticty” which a unique Registration number. This official document certifies that your Irish Aran Sweater has been knitted using original Irish designs from the home of the Aran Sweater the Aran Islands. It also provides information on the symbolic meaning of each stitch used within Aran knitting.

Highly skilled knitting ladies from the Aran Islands and on the mainland supply the genuine Aran sweaters, ensuring that customers receive only the finest examples of men’s, women’s and children’s Aran knitwear and house and home crafts - while helping to preserve an old skill and craft.

As the demand for Aran Sweater Market products has increased, so have the store locations, with outlets at Shannon International Airport and on the Ring of Kerry in Killarney, bringing Irish sweaters to a greater audience.

The Aran Sweater Market can promise that all their Arans are authentic, hand knit sweaters, created in the historical tradition by high skilled craftspeople.