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ESB Ardnacrusha Power Station
Ardnacrusha Co. Clare
ESB Ardnacrusha Power Station in County Clare is open during the summer months for school groups and the public to visit and explore one of Ireland's greatest engineering developments.

The historic ESB Ardnacrusha Power Station is open to schools and the general public for a unique peek into Ireland’s first national hydroelectric station in County Clare. School group tours are available from 23rd May-28th June 2019 and public tours are available from 1st July-13th September 2019.

Ardnacrusha Hydroelectric Power Station is marked as one of the engineering milestones of the 20th century. The tour will take attendees through the history of the inception of hydroelectric power to the plant’s electrification in 1927 right up to the day-to-day running of the 86 MW hydro station.

ESB first began facilitating tours for the general public in June 1928 and welcomed over 85,000 visitors within the first nine months. ESB was delighted to revive this tradition in 2017 to mark 90 years since its foundation, and is continuing to run dedicated school and public tours during the summer months.

Visitors are welcomed to the Ardnacrusha experience at the refurbished Visitors Centre before going out onsite to view the headrace canal, locks, and tailrace. Once inside the station, the living heritage of the Shannon Scheme is brought to life through a series of animations which celebrate the history and impact of the project. Visitors are given access to the very heart of the station with unique views of the turbine hall and a visit to the original control room.

The guided tours can accommodate groups of up to 30 people and run for approximately 90min. As this is a working power station, tours are available from Monday-Friday only.