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Explore the waters of Arranmore on a tour with Dive Arranmore in Donegal. See incredible wildlife from a modern charter boat or put on your scuba gear and swim below the surface with the sea life.

Sail across the Atlantic Ocean with Dive Arranmore and admire at the abundance of vibrant marine life. Spot seals playing in the water with flocks of birds flying overhead, keep your eyes peeled for pods of dolphins jumping out of the sea, and if you're lucky you might even get to see enormous basking sharks feeding near the boat. Bring your fishing rod and try to catch some cod, mackerel or pollock on a sea angling tour.

Dive underwater on a scuba tour and visit historical shipwrecks and dive sites. Swim by the remnants of old ships and watch as fish swim by and crabs scamper across the wreckage.

Pre-booking is required for trips and private charters can also be arranged.