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The Pie Dish Bistro
Dublin City Co. Dublin
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The Pie Dish Bistro, located in Dublin's O'Callaghan Stephen's Green Hotel, is a contemporary bistro where a synergy of Internationalism and Irish creativity meet.

Located in the O'Callaghan Stephen's Green Hotel, close to Grafton St and the Georgian heart of the city, 'Pie Dish' is a modern eatery with a traditional twist. The restaurant masterfully combines a modern glass Atrium with two restored Georgian Dining Rooms. Reflecting the tone of the hotel, the Pie Dish Bistro introduces the diner to the finest contemporary Irish cuisine.

Like the 'Magic Glasses' Bar, The 'Pie Dish' restaurant draws its title from the much neglected writings of one of Ireland's forgotten playwrights, George Fitzmaurice, who once lived in the Georgian buildings now a part of the Stephen's Green Hotel.

Pie Dish Bistro is named after a play by the Irish writer George Fitzmaurice who owned one of the Georgian houses that is part of the hotel.