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The Riddler
Dublin City Co. Dublin
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the Riddler, one of Dublin’s newest restaurants. Set in ‘old Dublin’ between the famous Christchurch and the Liberties. The Riddler serves tantalising modern Irish food with a spoonful of personality.

The Riddler Restaurant was born out of the love of Irish food. The chefs here at the Riddler serve old fashioned, wholesome Irish food with a modern twist. The restaurant is situated between the world famous Christchurch and the Liberties, just beside the old Dublin wall. This area offers an array of historical sites and Dublin street culture from the Guinness Storehouse and the street sellers of Meath and Thomas Street. Their surroundings are an inspiration for their food.

The Riddler Restaurant has a unique ‘riddle theme’ that runs through the restaurant. This is a light hearted point of conversation shows different brain teasers written on the walls which will keep you entertained throughout your meal. Riddles like; 'What has hands but cannot clap'? or 'What travels around the earth but stays in one spot'?

The restaurant is opened seven days per week and can be booked for private hire. Located just four minutes’ walk from Christchurch Cathedral and 12 minutes on foot from Guinness Storehouse.

Open Monday-Friday; 09:00-21:00 | Saturday; 10:00-21:00 | Sunday; 10:00-20:00.

The Menu offers breakfast, lunch from €5 to €14 | Dinner offered from €15 to €22 and a fine selection of wines.