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Lúb Dún Fearbhaí Looped Walk is approximately 13km and is a relatively easy looped walk Inis Meain.

A-B. Leaving the trailhead at the pier, follow the purple (and green and blue) arrows along the surfaced road. The green and blue arrows are for shorter loops). After 200m pass a roadway on your left. This is the point from where the loop ‘proper’ begins - you will be returning to this point from the left later - for now continue straight. After 200m you reach a 3-way junction - veer right.

B-C. Follow the coastline for 200m and turn left onto a surfaced road. Follow this road for almost 3km (passing 3 road junctions) to reach a junction from where you can make a detour to Synge’s Chair (on your right). The views are well worth the 45min-1hr trek - don’t forget to return to this point to continue the loop.

C-D. Continue to follow the road for 300m to reach Dún Chonchúir (on your right). Shortly afterwards, pass the church and Teampaill na Seacht Mac Rí (both on your right) to reach a Y-junction. Here the green loop veers left - you continue straight - following the blue (and purple) arrows. The loop travels up the ‘main street’ of the village to reach a signpost for Dún Fhearbhaí - turn right here.

D-E. After only 100m you turn right onto a narrow ‘green roadway’ (and leave the blue loop which continues straight on). Follow the roadway for 500m past Dún Fhearbhaí and onward for almost 2km to reach the south coast of the island. On your right you will see the blades of three wind turbines - but you turn left. Follow the coast for 300m and then swing left and uphill. After more than 1km you reach a track on your right where you rejoin the blue loop and make your way downhill to reach the ruins of Cill Cheannannach. Pass the ruins and 100m afterwards, join a surfaced roadway near the old pier. Proceed straight on here following the blue and purple arrows and the signpost for Tra Leitreach.

E-A. Just 200m along this roadway you pass Tra Leitreach (on your right) and the cenetry on your left. Continue to follow the roadway for 1km when it swings left and follows parallel to the airport runway. At the end of the runway turn left at a T-junction, then immediately turn right and follow the network of green roadways and minor roads to regain the junction at B above. This time, veer right and enjoy the last 200m back to the trailhead at the pier.

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Loop trail
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Inis Meain,Aran Islands,Co Galway,Republic of Ireland
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