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Project BAA BAA - European Congress Conference
Claregalway Co. Galway

30 October 2020

The Project BAA BAA European Conference - Building Capacity & New Opportunities online, sheep farmers, researchers, food & craft producers from across Ireland and Europe will take part.

The Conference on Friday 30 October, hosted by Damien O’Reilly, well known presenter of RTE’s Countrywide, will lead the discussions with farmers, industry experts and producers, to present and discuss the state of play and the future opportunities in farming, food production, wool and agritourism and sustainable practices.

These will include EU Agriculture & Trade, EuroSheep, Teagasc, Bord Bia, CÁIS, Failte Ireland, IWTO, IFA, ICSA, Slow Food International, with cheese and meat producers, wool mills, yarn and cloth producers and agritourism providers.

Venue: Online

Date: 30 October

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Rescheduled from May 2020

Event details
Claregalway Castle
30 October 2020
Start 10:00
End 16:00