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Project BAA BAA - Pálás Sheep Film Series
Galway City Co. Galway

17 October - 29 October 2020

Pálás Cinema presents this film series in collaboration with Project BAA BAA. It’s for children and animation fans and those with a fascination for sheep.

The film series will run for 3 weeks with one film weekly, when it launches with:

17 October - Shaun the Sheep, Aardmaan Studio

24 October - Farmageddon

29 October - Addicted to Sheep, one family’s effort to breed the perfect sheep, produced by Magali Pettier & Jan Cawood of Provenance Films. FÍ, Irish wool fashion documentary by filmmaker, Perry Ogden, will be shown as support to the WOOL Showcase event at Galway Museum.

Pálás Cinema Rates apply, see the palas.ie website for info.

Rescheduled from May 2020

Event details
Pálás Cinema
17 October - 29 October 2020
Start 12:00