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Castledermot Round Tower & High Cross & St. Davids Graveyard
CastledermotCo. Kildare
PhotographyHeritageArchitectureChurch, abbey or monasteryAncient
This ancient church ruin at Castledermot was formerly known as Díseart Diarmada, in the grounds there are two survuving ninth century granite high crosses, a round tower and the remains of the third cross and a Romanesque doorway.

Today St James’Church of Ireland church stands at the site of St Dermot’s church, this ancient church at Castledermot was formerly known as Díseart Diarmada, meaning Dermot’s hermitage. but in the grounds are the remains of a Romanesque doorway, a round tower, two high crosses, a holed stone and a hogback grave or sarcophagus.

St Dermot (d. 823) founded the church here about 800. In 841 the site was plundered by the Vikings, and in the following year it is recorded that Cumsudh and Moinach, both bishops and anchorites of Castledermot, died in the same night.

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