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Sullivan’s Brewing Company
Kilkenny City Co. Kilkenny
Sullivan’s are a heritage brewing company rooted in the tradition of two Irish family brewing dynasties (Sullivan’s and Smithwick’s) over three centuries in Kilkenny City, steeped in over 800 years of brewing heritage.

The beer served in the resurrected brewing company won the ‘Best Ale in the World’ Champion Trophy for 2017/2018 at Burton-on-Trent’s ‘Oscars of the Beer Industry’. Sullivan’s is the first Irish Brewery to win the award since its origins in 1886. Ian Hamilton, the brewer, is one of the few select Master Brewers recognised globally in the craft beer arena, with over 30 years of experience.

Sullivan’s has long term distribution partnerships with international, market leading distributorships that pride themselves on being purveyors of premium quality beers in the respective markets across Ireland, Britain and the Great Lakes region of the US.

In Kilkenny, the doors to Sullivan’s Taproom are open year round. Here guests can savour a Sullivan’s Malting Red Ale in the courtyard, and couple it with a delicious pizza from the wood fired oven.

Come discover the highs and lows of Sullivan’s Brewery through an immersive story telling adventure. Learn what it takes to produce an award winning ale and end at the taproom for samples.