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Hook & Ladder Cookery School
Limerick City Co. Limerick
Hook & Ladder Cookery School in Limerick City has a wide range of classes and courses designed to cater for all levels and abilities. Book a course and learn how to cook a new cuisine or master your favourite.

Get a personalised learning experience in the intimate kitchen from the team of enthusiastic chefs at Hook & Ladder Cookery School. The experienced chefs will have you whipping up a delicious green curry, spicy chilli and your traditional favourites in no time.

Come for a one on one class, bring the whole family to create new family traditions and even learn how to host the perfect dinner party under the watchful eyes of the chefs. Whether you’re dreaming of cooking for friends or just learning a new skill, you’ll find a course to suit here.

Host your special occasion or private event at Hook & Ladder Cookery School with a custom designed cookery class of traditional Irish cuisine, Irish baking, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Middle Eastern and much more.