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Kilmallock Medieval Tours
KilmallockCo. Limerick
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Kilmallock Medieval Tours offer a walk through 1,400 years of history. It is Ireland’s best preserved medieval town. Stories are told by a local medieval living historian and experienced tour guide who will immerse you in stories Medieval Kilmallock

Kilmallock Co.Limerick is set in the very heart of the Munster vales, in the lush green landscape of Ballyhoura. It is considered to be Ireland’s best preserved medieval town.

Once the capital of the powerful Earldom of Desmond, as the Earls expanded their power over two centuries to dominate Munster, it rose to become one of the most strategically important and wealthy towns in Ireland. Unfortunately though, the Great Earls rose too high and their attempt to assert independence brought them to war with the Tudor Queen Elizabeth I. A decade of destruction ensued that would leave the Earldom a place of ash and bone. As their great dynasty was annihilated by a vengeful Queen, so too Kilmallock’s star would fall.

The town's great walls had been breached, its buildings burned, wealth stolen and population dispersed to the dark forests and mountains.

Described as “An abode of wolves” for many years afterwards. Its great buildings have been left to decay and ruin, but their stories are set in their stones.

Join Kilmallock Medieval Tours on a walking tour of these great castles,monasteries and fortifications to hear it’s exciting stories of Battles, Rebellion, Treachery, Corruption, Bards and duels to the Death.

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