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Society of Freemasons
Limerick City Co. Limerick
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The Masonic Centre in Limerick is located in the midst of the tourist and heritage area of the city, directly across the road from King John’s Castle and beside the former Bishop's Lady's Palace and the City Museum.

Heritage and history are very much part of the tradition of Freemasonry which is based on legends that date back to the time of the construction of King Solomon’s Temple. Of the many great buildings erected by the masons in the Middle Ages, attention has focused on the great cathedrals throughout Europe.

One of the artefacts that takes pride of place in the new museum is a replica of an ancient brass square (see above), known as the “Baal’s Bridge Square”. This was recovered from the foundations of Baal’s Bridge in Limerick when the bridge was being rebuilt in 1830. It is inscribed “I will strive to live with Love and Care Upon the Level by the Square” and bears the date, 1507. This Square is reputed to be one of the earliest Masonic items found in the world.