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Molly Loop
Carlingford Co. Louth
Walking SightseeingNatural Landscape
Looped Walk

A-B. From the trailhead at John Long’s Pub follow the green (and purple) arrows along the surfaced road. The purple arrows are for the longer Rooskey Loop. After 500m you reach a crossroads at a place called The Acre - go straight across here and join a surfaced laneway. After 300m watch for a waymarker that directs you to your right and onto a farm laneway (Billy’s Lane). Follow the green and purple arrows as the surface changes to grass and, after 1km, join a surfaced road where you turn left. Almost immediately the loop turns left again and ascends to reach a 3-way junction where the Rooskey Loop (purple arrow) turns left - but you turn right.

B-C. Note that you will now overlap on the Barnavave Loop from Carlingford (red arrows) for a short distance. Follow the green and red arrows downhill to reach a surfaced road where you turn left. After 150m you reach an old limekiln on your left – note that you rejoin the purple Rooskey Loop briefly here. Watch for a waymarker which directs you right onto a downhill laneway – and you leave both the Rooskey Loop and Barnavave Loop as you do. After 150m you reach a Y-junction where you have two options – the official loop turns right; straight ahead adds a short extra distance to your walk. At the end of the laneway you join a surfaced roadway where you turn right, ascend for 100m to reach the brow of the hill, and turn left onto a grassy laneway - known locally as The Molly! The laneway takes you downhill to reach another laneway (Forty’s Lane) where you rejoin the purple loop and turn right.

C-A. After 400m the laneway crosses the R173 and joins a surfaced laneway (Skeekan’s Lane) - enjoy the last 1km back to the trailhead.

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