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SEEK - Contemporary Urban Arts Festival
Dundalk Co. Louth

1 August - 8 August 2020

SEEK is a contemporary urban art festival based in Dundalk. By inviting some of the best outdoor muralists and urban artists, it is SEEK's aim to celebrate Dundalk's history and heritage, using the town as a blank canvas.

In it's second year, the festival is focused on promoting Dundalk as a vibrant hub for creativity. SEEK 2020 will highlight the important influence art can have in the public domain, its role as a catalyst for change, reinvigorating and refreshing town centre spaces. The themes behind the artwork are instrumental in telling Dundalk's story and connecting people to it's past, with an eye on the future.

Guided walking tours will run daily throughout the festival. Guides will explore the themes behind each artwork from SEEK 2019-2020, and their relevance to Dundalk

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Event details
1 August - 8 August 2020