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Sculpture in the Lough Boora Parklands
Ferbane Co. Offaly
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Find a series of intriguing sculptures by Irish artists in the wilderness of Lough Boora Discovery Park, County Offaly. These striking, large-scale pieces change with the Irish seasons. Visit for a day and stimulate your senses.

Discover Lough Boora Discovery Park's artistic legacy with some of the most innovative land and environmental sculptures in Ireland.

Inspired by the rich natural and industrial legacy of the bog lands, talented artists created a series of large-scale sculptures that feature in Lough Boora Discovery Park. Incorporated in the sculptures are the industrial materials of the bog, like locomotives, rail line, timber and stone. Over time, some of the sculptures alter in colour, wild plants claim them and they become part of the landscape once again.

Head off on a self-guided tour and see works like “Sky and Earth”, “The Boora Pyramid”, “The Gathering of Stones” and “Bog Track”. Appreciate the creativity of the Sculpture in the Parklands project, where art meets nature.