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Gorey Walking Tours
Gorey Co. Wexford
Take in the sights of Gorey town with all its folklore and landmarks. Join local historian to learn of the town’s development, famous visits and influential families. From Caravaggio to Swift, this North Wexford settlement is at the heart of history.

Join a local historian for a ramble around Gorey town, taking in all its historical landmarks and ancient tales. Learn about the great families of olden times, including the Rams and the Esmondes, and how they shaped the town's growth. Find out what caused the famed writer Jonathan Swift to write a couplet about his time in Gorey.

Discover the grave of the man who inscribed his own headstone. See what Gorey has in common with Big Ben and find out why a priceless Caravaggio work has ties with Gorey's rich history.

This North Wexford town provides a unique example of a planned town with a strong local protestant population. With significant Irish towns at the top and bottom of the town, you are sure to be fascinated by the seismic changes over hundreds of years.

Tours generally start from the Market House before taking in St. Michael's Church, the Rookery, Market Square, Wesleyan Chapel, the Avenue, Christ Church before concluding at Browne’s Pub. We are willing to adapt our tours to suit your preferences. All group sizes catered for.

Tours take place by arrangement, so book a tour or for more information, please phone 085-8219720 or 087-9770497.